Providing homes in North Queensland with long-lasting, hard-wearing, polished concrete floors.

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When looking for advanced concrete polishing Cairns, you need search far and wide. When you go to us at Advanced Concrete Polishing, your time and effort are saved and you’ll be amply rewarded with some of the most advanced concreting or reconcreting system available today.

We are using the Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR system for our projects, and we’ve made sure that our qualifications for this system are all applied to projects. Because Husqvarna provides the best products, complete solutions to your concrete surface needs. 

We are the people you go to for these needs in North Queensland, not just Cairns. 

A Husqvarna Certification is Equal to A Seal of Quality

For any concrete polishing project, you are assured the following qualities:

  • old concrete surfaces will be remade into brilliant new surfaces

  • you can add any attractive design or color combination on your redesigned surface

  • the results will be so easy to clean and will remain stain-free as long as it stands, so your spending on maintenance here is virtually nil

  • your concrete surface provides more energy efficiency to the home or office, therefore saving on energy costs and adds more insulation

  • your flooring project will not generate dust before, during or after the work

If you are looking for advanced concrete polishing Cairns, you can do no wrong when you go to us. We are ready to prove that we provide the best results in Cairns. 

That various or diverse kinds of areas you can use this process on includes, kitchens, playrooms, studios, bedrooms, offices, home entertainment centers and corridors. Versatility is a given and the process is fast and efficiently done by us. 

Advanced Concrete Polishing Cairns

Concrete polishing provides the best finishes for any surface from floors to countertops.

Advanced Concrete Polishing Cairns

The versatility of this system extends to outdoor areas too.

You can visit our website or if you need more specifics, ring us up at this number: 0400 794 163. For all your surface remodel, redesign and other needs, you can talk to us and be assured that you can usually get what you need or want. Whether you own a residence, an office space or building, commercial facilities or manufacturing installations.  

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